Piano Moving — How To Manage It Like A Pro


If you have a large piano that you need to move to another place, you want to carefully approach this process to avoid damage and accidents. Here are a few planning strategies that can help when a piano needs to be relocated. 

Choose a Quality Rolling Cart

So that you don't have to physically lift up a piano with someone else and move it a great distance, you want to invest in a rolling cart. It can support the piano and thus make it easy to glide along any kind of surface.

You just want to make sure this rolling cart is large enough to support your specific piano. Also make sure its wheels glide smoothly so that no matter what type of ground conditions you come across, the piano will still be easy to move into the new place.

Wrap the Piano Before Moving

Before you move a piano out of your old place and transport it to the new property, it's important to wrap it completely. Then you'll have more protection to rely on, so that piano damage isn't something you have to tackle later on. You have a lot of great wrapping options for pianos too.

For instance, you can secure moving blankets around the piano. They're often thick and can absorb impact so even if you do bump the piano against something, damage won't be likely. Just make sure the piano is fully protected before you attempt to move with it.

Follow the Right Safety Protocols

An important part of moving any type of piano to a new place is staying safe. Then you won't have to deal with costly medical bills later on and a difficult recovery. The first rule of thumb when moving a piano is always to do so with someone else. This isn't a one-man job. You need someone to help you lift the piano up sidewalks and entrances.

You also need a partner to help you map out the right paths for this piano to where you don't have to deal with a bunch of obstacles and safety hazards. You can also stay safe throughout this piano move by using the right assistive tools, such as the aforementioned moving carts, lift straps, and dollies. 

If you have a piano and plan to move with it to a new place, it helps to approach this process in a calculated manner. Then you'll stay in control the entire time. 

Reach out to a piano moving service to learn more.


14 April 2023

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