3 Services You May Not Realize Local Movers Offer


When many people think about hiring a local moving company, they tend to think of a very basic service where a moving truck arrives on moving day, loads up the packed belongings, and delivers these belongings to the new home. While this is certainly one of the services that local movers have to offer, this isn't everything. Here are three of the other services that local movers often have available.

Packing/Unpacking Services

Oftentimes, packing and unpacking your belongings can actually be far more stressful and time-consuming than the physical process of actually moving these items from one location to the next. This is why many local moving companies will offer full-service moving services that include packing and unpacking virtually everything in your home. Taking advantage of these services can save you a ton of time since professional movers are often capable of packing an entire house in just a matter of hours. Another benefit of using this service is that it typically includes all of the packing materials that are needed to get the job done right. 

Assembly/Disassembly Services

Some items, such as pool tables, are much easier and safer to move after being disassembled. Unfortunately, taking these specialty items apart can require special tools and skills that the average person does not have. Local movers who offer assembly and disassembly services can handle taking these items apart for you, transporting them to your new location, and putting them back together. Not only does this help to make the job of moving large or heavy items much easier, but it can also reduce the risk of damaging these items in the moving process.


One common problem that individuals run into when moving is timing. This is because individuals often need to have all of their belongings removed from their old home before they are actually able to move into their new home. This is most commonly the case when an individual is closing on the sale of their existing home before they are able to close on the purchase of their new home. In these situations, individuals can find themselves needing to rent a storage locker for just a short period of time. This can be very inconvenient since it is so time-consuming to load and unload items. Thankfully, many local movers offer storage solutions that help make this need for storage less inconvenient.

One of these storage solutions is to secure a client's belongings in one of their moving trucks if the delay in between homes is rather short. Another solution is the use of pod containers. These containers are quite similar to shipping containers. Rather than loading your belongings into a traditional moving truck, your moving company will load all of your belongings into one or more pods. These pods are then transported to the storage facility where they will remain until you are ready to move into your new home. The pods are then delivered to your new home without the need to load or unload any of the contents in the interim. Contact a residential moving company to learn more. 


4 November 2021

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

While I lived in a small town my entire life, in my early 20s I decided to move to a big bustling city. Since the cost of living was so low in my hometown, I was able to afford a rental home. However, with my income, I realized I could only afford a studio apartment in my new city. I did not want to get rid of all of my furniture and belongings that would not fit into my new small apartment, especially my prized collection of antique dolls! I was worried my dolls would not fare well in storage, but I learned that any collectible can be kept in great condition when prepared properly for storage and kept in the right unit. I decided to share what I have learned about choosing storage units and keeping collectibles in great condition while in storage on my new blog!