Pick The Right Facility To Store High-Value Items In A Storage Unit With Confidence


When someone is interested in putting seasonal equipment, clothing, and decorations into a storage unit, they may be mostly focused on finding an affordable facility nearby. But, you may want to use a storage unit to store high-value items, which means you may want to make sure that the storage facility you rent from will satisfy your wants and needs regarding item security.


Analyzing each facility is an important step because part of protecting your belongings is making sure that the entire property is well secured. For instance, you should not hesitate to demand onsite security throughout the day and night, even when the facility is not open to customers. This may give you peace of mind that someone is watching the place to maximize security.

Along with security guards either watching from a post or roaming around the premises, you will benefit from demanding surveillance cameras all around. You may even want to go as far as making sure they capture night footage clearly so that potential burglars can be seen easily.


When renting from a storage facility, you may feel most comfortable with an indoor unit. A building where you rent a unit on an upper floor should provide a lot of security on its own just by being a bit time-consuming to reach. So, you may want to prioritize units that require you to take an elevator and walk down a long hallway for peace of mind regarding high-value items.

Aside from getting natural security, you should get a tour of each facility and the building that you are interested in renting from to learn about their other security measures. A well-lit building with active security inside may give you the confidence that you need to rent comfortably.

Unit Details

If you are satisfied with the level of security after looking at the facility and building, you should continue further by analyzing the unit that you are interested in. An excellent goal is to pick one with an individual alarm, as this will provide a lot of security for your valuable belongings.

Another thing that you may want to demand is climate control because this will prevent sensitive items from suffering any wear and tear or noticeable damage while in storage.

When you want to rent a storage unit for high-value possessions, you should go through all these details before picking a facility to make sure that you are confident in your decision. Contact a facility in your area to learn more about the options for storage units.


16 June 2020

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Doesn't Have to Be Difficult

While I lived in a small town my entire life, in my early 20s I decided to move to a big bustling city. Since the cost of living was so low in my hometown, I was able to afford a rental home. However, with my income, I realized I could only afford a studio apartment in my new city. I did not want to get rid of all of my furniture and belongings that would not fit into my new small apartment, especially my prized collection of antique dolls! I was worried my dolls would not fare well in storage, but I learned that any collectible can be kept in great condition when prepared properly for storage and kept in the right unit. I decided to share what I have learned about choosing storage units and keeping collectibles in great condition while in storage on my new blog!