3 Simple Solutions to Reduce Moving Costs


Moving can be a complicated and overwhelming process. From packing and finding a new residence to organizing documents and transferring accounts, it is easy to see the challenges even if you are moving within the same city or state. Fortunately, you can reduce the physical, emotional, and financial stress of moving with proper understanding and planning. If you are hoping to move in the most affordable manner possible, here are a few essential tips you need to follow.

Move at the Right Time

Not everyone has the option of planning their move in advance, but if it is at all possible, you need to plan it for the right time. The summer is the busiest time for professional movers because so many people schedule their move around their children's summer break from school. Because it is such a busy time, you may not be able to book an appointment for your own move during the summer. In addition, the actual fees may be higher during this time because the movers are so booked up.

If you want to reduce your moving costs, schedule your move at a different time. The winter is a great time to consider, especially in January because most movers are slow during this month. On average, you can expect to save 15 percent compared to the cost of hiring movers in the summer.

Reduce What You Need to Move

If you are hiring professionals to either pack, move, or complete both parts of the moving process, your cost will depend on both the time and effort required. Therefore, reducing the number of belongings your movers need to pack and transport will save you money.

Move through your home, creating piles of items you should trash, donate, and sell. If it is broken, trash it. If you do not want it in your new home, donate or sell it. Donate all clothing and accessories that no longer fit, as well. Selling items will actually help you make money that you can use to pay for moving costs or to buy items you will need at your new home.

Instead of packing and moving everything to your new residence, reduce your belongings beforehand. This will reduce the time and money it takes to move while reducing stress once you are living at your new home.

Don't Pay for Packing Supplies

It is important to note that certain items should be purchased to help you pack and move belongings in a safe manner. For example, improperly packing a flat-screen television may lead to severe damage that requires you to replace it. While the cost of flat-screen TVs has decreased over the last few years, having to replace yours because of damage during a move will be a surprising expense you probably did not plan for. Investing in a box and packing supplies specifically designed for flat screens is smart.

However, the majority of your belongings do not need specialty packing materials. Traditional cardboard moving boxes can be found for free on many local buy/sell sites. You can even most on social media asking for friends, family, and members of the community if they have any boxes available.

Lastly, consider using items you already own to pack belongings. Suitcases are great options for packing and hauling clothing. Luggage can also be used for packing shoes and other accessories. Trash bags are excellent for hauling bedding, linens, and towels, too.

By gathering free boxes from the community, using what you already own, and investing in only specialty packing materials, you can easily reduce the cost of your move.

Moving is not mean to be easy, but it does not have to wreak havoc on your entire life. These simple tips will help you save money when it is time to move. Learn more by contacting local residential movers.


4 June 2018

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